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Leaf Pattern Design


Our creative team consists of various artists and collaborators of different backgrounds who have vast experiences in producing shows/performances, albums as well as conducting recording sessions. Our team also specialises in conducting cultural/travel programmes both locally and internationally. Let us help you plan your tour or event. For more info, kindly contact our team at this link.


Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd (GA) has been the premier arts organisation in gamelan music education. Since 2004, GA has been conducting workshops for government and private schools, from primary to tertiary level, as well as various organisations. Whether it is to learn more about a new musical art form or to bond your team through playing music as an ensemble, our team of qualified and experienced instructors are ready and can be contacted at this link.


The sound of the gong has been an important aspect in launching major events in some cultures. The beautiful instruments of the gamelan will be the perfect backdrop and an ideal photo opportunity for your event. Let our mesmerising music usher in your event's guests or launch your event. Please contact our team at this link for more information and further enquiries on how we can be a part of your event.


Gamelan is an important form of entertainment in many Indonesian cultures. Whether you are looking for a huge courtly affair, traditional folk dances or a soft kecapi quartet to provide soothing background music, let us bless your special day with ancient poems of love and beautiful gamelan music. For more details of our various wedding performances, please check the link here.

We provide a range of gamelan related services,
customised to suit your needs. 

Share Your Event Ideas with us. We love to hear from you.
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