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"Indonesian Gamelan with a Singaporean Sound"


About Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd

(GA) is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation and awareness of all styles and expressions of gamelan.


Gamelan Asmaradana endeavours to share the love of gamelan music to all in Singapore and beyond, through regular performances, recitals, workshops and community outreach initiatives.

Incorporated in 2004, GA is made up of an ecclectic mix of gamelan enthusiasts from mid-teens to the silver-age, from all walks of life, with musicians trained in various genres of music, some of whom are graduates from international universities with extensive training in gamelan, world music and ethnomusicology. Through dedication and hardwork, the musicians have crafted 4 areas of specialisation under one roof, plus a Youth and Community Outreach entity.

The 4 key areas of specialisation under Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd are:-

ʘ          Classical Javanese gamelan music

ʘ          Traditional and contemporary Balinese gamelan music

ʘ          Traditional and contemporary Sundanese gamelan music

ʘ          World-fusion gamelan music

Gamelan Asmaradana is currently the ensemble-in-residence at the The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC). The ensemble aims to preserve as well as to create and perform new works, using the gamelan, which are unique and progressive, giving audiences a new perspective of gamelan music in particular and Asian music in general. 


The company, Gamelan Asmaradana, is named after a well-known classical gamelan piece, Ladrang Asmaradana, which means "to give love" or "the fire of love". To date, members of Gamelan Asmaradana has had the honour of studying from internationally renowned gamelan experts such as Midiyanto (UC Berkley), Supardi (STSI Surakarta), Sunardi(SMKI Yogyakarta), Dr Santosa Soewarlan (STSI Surakarta), I Nyoman Sumandhi (Bali), I Nyoman Sedana (Bali), Dr Alex Dea  (Solo), Prof Michael Tenzer (University of British Columbia), Wahyu Roche (Bandung), I Dewa Alit (Bali) and I Nyoman Kariasa (Bali). 


With NAC's Arts Housing grant awarded in 2009, Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd was able to set-up its office officially at 63 Kerbau Road in The Little India Arts Belt. With stability established, the company was then able to embark on its production of its first album, entitled "Asmaradana" which will be launched by end of 2010. Currently working on our 2nd album! 

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